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Migration to LFMT 8.5.1

Moving from 8.5.0 > 8.5.1

LFMT Components

It is required that all of the LFMT components are updated to 8.5.1 (LFMT Client, Indexer, and Collector). These components are not backwards compatible with the 8.5.0.x versions. The Workbench Agent release 8.5.1.x is also required to be deployed to all application hosts. Please see the Workbench Agent deployment guide for further information.


Moving from LFMT 8.5 to 8.5.1 does not requires any schema changes to the already existing database tables. The same provisioned database from LFMT 8.5.0.x can continue to be used for LFMT 8.5.1.x.

Moving from 8.1 > 8.5.x

LFMT 8.5.x encompasses major changes to the tool's design and deployment. Currently, a migration path from LFMT 8.1 to LFMT 8.5.x does not exist. For questions concerning how to best move to the LFMT 8.5 architecture, please contact Genesys Customer Care.


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