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Migration to LFMT 8.5.105

Moving from 8.5.xxx to 8.5.105.xx

LFMT Components

It is required that the LFMT Client, Collector, Indexer and Workbench Agents are updated to 8.5.105.xx and that the GAX instance in which the Client is installed upon is at least version or greater. These components are not backwards compatible with the previous 8.5.100.xx, 8.5.101.xx, 8.5.102.xx,8.5.103.xx or 8.5.104.xx LFMT components.

After updating the LFMT Client to 8.5.105.xx, please ensure that there is not an "original-gax-lfmt.jar" file in the {GAXInstall}/webapp/WEB-INF/lib directory. If this file does exist, please delete the file.


Moving from LFMT 8.5.xxx to 8.5.105.xx does require a schema update to the already existing database tables. The update scripts are provided in the {CollectorInstall}/utilities/dbscripts folder. After the scripts have been run, all data will be preserved in the existing database.

Moving from 8.1.xxx to 8.5.104.xx

LFMT 8.5.xxx encompasses major changes to the tool's design and deployment. Currently, a migration path from LFMT 8.1.xxx to LFMT 8.5.xxx does not exist. For questions concerning how to best move to the LFMT 8.5.xxx architecture, please contact Genesys Customer Care.

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