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Log File Packaging

This section describes how to search, select, and build log file packages from files in Central Log Storage.

Creating Log Packages

  1. In Genesys Administrator Extension, from the LFMT menu, select Log File Packaging.
  2. Build a query using dates and/or custom-defined indexes.
  3. CLP18.5.png
    The ILIKE option allows users to search with SQL type wildcards.
    It is possible to search using multiple custom-defined indexes by selecting the AND or OR radio button options.
  4. Once the query is built, click Select Applications. The Select Applications pane becomes visible.
  5. CLP28.5.png
  6. Select the desired applications from the Select Applications pane for which to apply the query.
  7. Select the Search button to run the query against the selected applications. The Filtered Log Files will become visible. Log files from the applications matching the query will be displayed in this pane.
  8. Select the desired log files from the Filtered Log Files pane.
  9. CLP38.5.png
  10. Click the Build Package button to generate the package build request.
  11. After a package has been built, a dialog will appear with a quick-link to the Available Packages section. Download and FTP(S)/SFTP of log file packages are available in the Available Packages section.
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