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High Availability for iWD Components

Component summary

For definitions of Hot and Warm Standby used below, please see the Application Redundancy page.

Component HA Status Comment
iWD Components
iWD History Node N+1 See Installing an iWD History Node Cluster.
iWD Runtime Node Cold standby See High Availability for Runtime Node
iWD Plugin for GAX See GAX below.
iWD Manager N+1 Session is not shared between servers. See Configuring High Availability.
iWD Web N+1 Session is not shared between servers. See Configuring High Availability.
Non-Genesys Components
JMS Vendor-specific Please refer to your JMS MQ vendor's documentation for details on High Availability configuration.

For example, when using ActiveMQ as a JMS provider, the JMS Event Logger DAP should contain the following value under its Application Options to connect either with a local JMS broker or a remote one:

[logger-settings] / jms-provider-url=failover:(tcp://localhost:61616,tcp://remotehost:61616)

Other Genesys Components
IXN Warm standby
Interaction Server Integrated Capture Points Warm standby See the eServices Multi-tenancy and Load Balancing Guide.
GRE N+1 See the Genesys Rules System Deployment Guide.
ORS Warm standby See the Orchestration Server Deployment Guide
URS Warm and hot standby See the URS Deployment Guide, downloadable from here.
GAX N+1 See the Genesys Administrator Extension Deployment Guide.
UCS Warm standby See the eServices Deployment Guide.
SS Warm and hot standby See the Stat Server Deployment Guide.
Pulse Hot standby See the Genesys Pulse Deployment Guide.
Genesys Management Framework See the Genesys Management Framework Deployment Guide.
The following components included in the iWD Solution are not runtime components and hence are not included in the table above:
  • WDE
  • GCXI
  • IRD/Composer
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