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Redundant Configurations

You can increase the availability of your Genesys solutions by deploying redundant pairs of primary and backup servers of the same type, controlled by the Management Layer. You must have special licenses to use these configurations.

All Management Framework servers support the warm standby redundancy type, meaning that a backup server application remains initialized and ready to take over the operations of the primary server. Redundancy types are described in the Genesys Security Deployment Guide.

Configuration Layer and Management Layer also support switchovers between redundant client applications, regardless of the redundancy type specified by those applications.

  • The instructions in this section assume that the primary server is already installed and operating. This section provides only instructions for installing the backup server and configuring the primary and backup servers to operate as a redundant pair.
  • When configuring the backup component in a redundant pair, use the same account as for the primary component. Two applications with different accounts cannot be linked (configured) as a redundant high availability (HA) pair.
  • If you need to make changes in the configuration of one or both servers in the HA pair, you must unlink the two servers before any changes are made. They can then be linked together and restarted.
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