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Media Layer


The Media Layer provides:

  • Interfaces to communication media.
  • Distribution of interaction-related business data within and across solutions.


Media Layer Architecture

In the Media Layer:

  • Interaction Server provides an interface with Internet media like email and web communications. T-Server provides an interface with traditional telephony systems.
  • T-Servers provide an interface with traditional telephony systems.
  • T-Servers for IP Solutions provide an interface with VoIP telephony systems.

All of these servers communicate interaction-processing requests from the Genesys solutions to the media devices and distribute interaction-processing events in the opposite direction. They also maintain the current state of each interaction and all the business data collected about each interaction during processing stages. These servers distribute attached data to all the applications that participate in processing the interaction. They can also transfer that data across multiple interaction-processing sites.

Another Media Layer component, Load Distribution Server (LDS), not shown in the diagram, increases system scalability and availability.

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