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Using the Management Layer

You can use Genesys Administrator to start and stop Applications via the Management Layer.

To operate with the Management Layer, Genesys Administrator must be configured as described in the Genesys Administrator Deployment Guide.

Before starting an Application with the Management Layer, make sure the Application's startup parameters are correctly specified in the Application properties. In the Server Info section of the Application's Configuration tab, check that the following entries are correct:

  • Working Directory—Directory in which the application is installed and/or is to run
  • Command Line—Name of the executable file
  • Command Line Arguments—Command-line parameters

See Command-line parameters for descriptions of the parameters for Framework components.

After you correctly specify the command-line parameters, you can start and stop the following Framework components from Genesys Administrator:

  • Configuration Server (the Command Line Arguments are not required for the primary Configuration Server)
For the Management Layer to start Configuration Server, you must modify the Configuration Server application.
  • Configuration Server Proxy
  • Message Server
  • SNMP Master Agent
  • T-Server
  • HA Proxy
  • Stat Server

The Management Layer can also restart failed applications; to enable the autorestart functionality for a particular application, select the corresponding check box in the properties of the Application.

When an application is started (or restarted) via the Management Layer, it inherits environment variables from LCA, which executes the startup command. Therefore, you must also set the environment variables required for the application for the account that runs LCA.

A limitation of the Linux operating system, however, does not allow LCA to take the default environment variables of the user, or system, if LCA is started as a service. As a result, LCA is unable to pass them on to the application. If you are using Linux, and an application requires a user's environment variables, you can do any one of the following to bypass this limitation:

  • Set the environment variable in the startup file of the respective application.
  • Start the LCA process manually and not as a service.
  • Add the environment variable to the LCA service file.
Stopping an application via the Management Layer is not considered an application failure. Therefore, the Management Layer does not restart applications that it has stopped unless you have configured an appropriate alarm condition and alarm reaction for them.

Stop vs. Graceful Shutdown

When you stop an Application or a Solution, it shuts down, ceasing all processing immediately. This may have a detrimental effect on the rest of the system.

Starting in release 8.0, you can stop an Application or a Solution gracefully, known as a graceful shutdown or graceful stop. Applications refuse any new requests, but continue to process their current requests. A Solution gracefully shuts down all of its composite Applications, then stops.

Because a number of Solutions can share the same Applications, some solution components may continue to have a status of Started after you stop the Solution.

Only Applications and Solutions that support the graceful stop functionality can be stopped gracefully. Applications and Solutions that do not support this functionality shut down ungracefully.

If you are unsure if the application supports graceful shutdown, you can use the suspending-wait-timeout configuration option to configure a timeout. If the status of the Application changes to Suspending within this time, the Application supports graceful shutdown. If the status does not change to Suspending within the timeout, the Application does not support graceful shutdown, and the Application will then stop ungracefully after the timeout expires. Refer to the Framework Configuration Options Reference Manual, for a detailed description of this configuration option and how to use it.

Refer to Genesys Administrator Help for more information about stopping gracefully, and about configuring a timeout.

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