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The Genesys Framework consists of five layers (see the figure below). In sophisticated configurations using Management Layer functionality, each layer depends on the layers below it to work properly.

  • The Configuration Layer processes and stores all the data required for running Genesys solutions in a particular environment; it notifies clients of any configuration changes. The Configuration Layer also controls user access to a solution's functions and data.
  • The Management Layer controls the startup and status of solutions, logging of maintenance events, generation and processing of alarms, and management of application failures.
  • The User Interaction Layer provides a comprehensive user interface to configure, monitor, and control the management environment.
  • The Media Layer enables Genesys solutions to communicate across media, including traditional telephony systems, Voice over IP (VOIP), email, and the Web. This layer also provides the mechanism to distribute interaction-related business data within and across solutions.
  • The Services Layer generates the statistical data used for interaction processing and contact center reporting.
Genesys Framework Architecture
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