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Advanced Disconnect Detection Protocol

All but a few Genesys interfaces use the TCP/IP stack. To compensate for the manner in which this stack operates, Genesys components use the Advanced Disconnect Detection Protocol (ADDP), which periodically polls the opposite process when no actual activity occurs at a given connection. If a configurable timeout expires without a response from the opposite process, the connection is considered lost and an appropriate event is sent to the application.

Genesys recommends enabling ADDP on the links between any pair of Genesys components. ADDP helps detect a connection failure on both the client and the server side. For most connections, enabling detection on the client side only is sufficient and it reduces network traffic. However, Genesys strongly recommends that you use detection on both sides for all connections between Configuration Server and its clients (including Solution Control Interface), as well as between any two T-Servers.

To enable ADDP between two applications, specify addp as the Connection Protocol when configuring the connection between applications; also, set values for the Local Timeout, Remote Timeout, and Trace Mode properties. For more information, refer to the Framework Configuration Options Reference Manual.

For complete instructions on configuring ADDP between two applications, refer to Configuring ADDP. For instructions on configuring ADDP between primary and backup T-Servers, refer to the Deployment Guide for your specific T-Server.

After a communication session failure is detected, the application makes repeated attempts to regain access to the required resource. If a redundant process is not configured, the reaction is a repeated attempt to restore the communication session with the same process. If a redundant process is configured, the application makes alternate attempts to restore the failed communication session and to establish a session with the redundant process. This way, if the session has terminated because of a failure of the opposite process, the application eventually connects to the standby process configured to provide the same type of service.

Backwards compatibility of the Keep-Alive Protocol (KPL) is not supported. If you used KPL in previous versions of Genesys, consider using ADDP instead.
If you are unfamiliar with ADDP or just want to refresh your knowledge of it, you might be interested in an ADDP Tutorial, available from the Genesys Customer Care website at https://genesyspartner.force.com/customercare/articles/Tech Tutorial 11 ADDP. You will need your Genesys login credentials to access the tutorial.
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