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Network Connectivity

Network connectivity handles network communication in two modes:

  • single-threaded mode—on the same thread as other processes
  • multi-threaded mode—on a separate thread

The purpose of using a separate thread is to increase the robustness of detecting and handling network disconnections without impacting other processes.

By default, Configuration Server, Solution Control Server, and Message Server handle network communications in single-threaded mode. Starting in 8.5.1, you can use an environment variable with Configuration Server, Solution Control Server, and Message Server to indicate how each component is to handle network communications, using either single-threading or multi-threading. The three system environment variables are:

  • Solution Control Server—GCTI_SCS_CONN_STARTUP_DEFAULT
  • Message Server Server—GCTI_MS_CONN_STARTUP_DEFAULT

Each of these variables are set on the host on which the corresponding component is running. If not set or set to one (1), the component runs in single-threaded mode. If set to zero (0), the component runs in multi-threaded mode.

  • The default threading mode is single-threaded.
  • Genesys strongly recommends that you do not change the threading mode for the current version of the component.
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