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Licensing Prerequisites

Genesys applications require licenses. There are two aspects of licensing for Genesys software:

  • Sellable Item licenses, which provide the legal right to deploy and use the components and functionality related to the solutions that you purchased from Genesys.
  • Technical license keys, which enable you to use particular functionality. For example, if you are planning to deploy redundant configurations of any Genesys servers, you must have a special high-availability (HA) license. Otherwise, the Management Layer will not perform a switchover between the primary and backup servers. As another example, a technical license is required to deploy Configuration Server Proxy.

Technical licenses are managed and controlled by the FlexNet Publisher (formerly FlexLM) License Manager.

For information about which products require what types of licenses, refer to the Genesys Licensing Guide. That Guide also describes how to install FlexNet Publisher License Manager, if required, before you start to deploy Management Framework.

License File

Genesys Technical licensing is based on a valid license file that contains license key information required to operate Genesys components, where required. Request the initial license file from Genesys after you purchase your Genesys system, when you are ready to deploy Management Framework. FlexNet Publisher uses the license keys in the license file to enable certain components to operate.

License Files and the Configuration Database

Configuration Server no longer requires License Resource Manager (LRM) 8.5 to be present in the environment at any time, and the following step can be skipped when deploying Configuration Server, and later.

Configuration Server stores the license file in the Configuration Database. When you are setting up your new Genesys environment, or when you have just upgraded your Configuration Database in an existing Genesys environment, you must upload the license file into the Database before you start Configuration Server for the first time. To do this, run the following command on the command-line, as appropriate:

  • On UNIX: confserv –license <license file name>
  • On Windows: confserv.exe –license <filename>

After that, you can start Configuration Server.

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