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About Genesys Framework

The Genesys Framework is a mandatory part of any Genesys-based interaction management system. It provides functions required for the normal operation of any Genesys solution:

  • Configuration centralizes processing and storage of all the data required for Genesys solutions to work within a particular environment.
  • Access Control sets and verifies users' permissions for access to, and manipulation of, solution functions and data.
  • Solution Control starts and stops solutions and monitors their status.
  • Alarm Processing defines and manages conditions critical to the operation of solutions.
  • Troubleshooting hosts a user-oriented, unified logging system with advanced storage, sorting, and viewing capabilities.
  • Fault Management automatically detects and corrects situations that might cause operational problems in solutions.
  • External Interfaces enable communication with a variety of telephony systems and database management systems (DBMS).
  • Attached Data Distribution supports the distribution of business data attached to interactions, within and across solutions.
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