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Deploying Management Layer

The Management Layer controls the startup and status of solutions, logging of maintenance events, generation and processing of alarms, and management of application failures.

Deployment Summary

Deploy Management Layer in this order:

  1. Local Control Agent (LCA)—LCA must be installed to enable the Management Layer's solution-control and fault-management capabilities. You must install one LCA on each host running a Genesys server application.
  2. Important
    An application started by LCA inherits the environment variables from LCA. Therefore, when an application requires that particular environment variables be set, the same environment variables must be set for the account that runs LCA.
  3. Database Access Point (DAP) for the Log Database
  4. Message Server—You must configure a connection to Message Server for each Genesys server application to enable the Management Layer's centralized-logging and alarm-signaling capabilities.
  5. Initialize the Log Database
  6. Solution Control Server
  7. SNMP Master Agent (optional)

Starting in 8.5, Genesys Administrator replaces Configuration Manager and Solution Control Interface (SCI) as the preferred interface for Management Framework. If you still want to use SCI, deploy it using the deployment instructions in the Framework 8.1 Deployment Guide.

Remote Deployment

You can deploy the Management Layer servers (Message Server, Solution Control Server, and Genesys SNMP Master Agent) to any host on your network using Genesys Administrator Extension. Refer to Genesys Administrator Extension documentation for more information and instructions.

Next Steps

After you have successfully installed and configured the Management Layer components, consider whether you would like to configure the following:

Continuing the Installation of Your System

Once the Management Layer is set up, you can then deploy the rest of the Framework components, the contact center environment, and other Genesys Voice and Data applications.

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