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Management Framework Migration Guide

Published: June 8, 2018

Management Framework is part of 9.x, which can include component releases from both 9.1.x, 9.0.x, and 8.5.x code streams. See Management Framework to check which component releases are part of 9.x.

Use this guide to introduce you to the concepts and terminology relevant to the Genesys Framework, and procedures to install, configure, and run Management Framework. Use this guide to upgrade Management Framework and database schema to 9.0, if required.


  • Compatibility
  • Feature Availability, by Component
  • Required Database Schema to Support Available Feature
  • Secure Protocols Compatibility

Upgrade Components

  • Interoperability
  • Local Control Agent
  • Management Layer Server Components
  • Configuration Server (and Roll Back)

Upgrade Component Definitions

  • Loading Latest Locale
  • Updating the Configuration Database Locale

Upgrade DB Schema

  • Updating the Configuration Database Schema
  • Upgrading the Centralized Log Database Schema
  • Converting the Configuration Database from Single Tenant Format

Convert Configuration Environments

  • Converting Single-language Environment to a Multi-language Environment
  • Converting Single-tenant Configuration Database to a Multi-tenant Database
  • Cross-DBMS conversion (converting from one DBMS to another DBMS)

Localized Environments

  • Upgrading Localized Database
  • Updating Single-language Database With the Latest Language Definitions
  • Adding and Updating Languages in Multi-language Databases

Migrate to Net-SNMP

  • Adding Net-SNMP Functionality to a Configuration
  • Converting Genesys SNMP Master Agents to Net-SNMP Master Agents

Enable New Functionality

  • New and Changed Configuration Options by Release
  • Mandatory Changes in Configuration of Framework Components
  • Mandatory Changes in Secure Protocol Configuration

Configuration Conversion Wizard (CCW)

  • Installing CCW
  • Specifying the Database Connection
  • Using CCW to Migrate Your Configuration Database or Locale
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