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Database Prerequisites

Genesys recommends that you or your database administrator create databases in your database management system (DBMS) before you start a Genesys installation. For Framework, you must create two databases:

  • Configuration Database-Mandatory for any Genesys installation.
  • Centralized Log Database-Required only if you are using the Management Layer's centralized-logging function.

Genesys also recommends that you or your database administrator back up your Genesys databases on a regular basis.

Refer to Network Locations for Framework Components for recommendations on database sizing. Refer to your DBMS documentation for instructions on how to create a new database.

Refer to the Installation Worksheet for the list of database parameters you must use in your Genesys installation.

Refer to Minimum_Database_Privileges for the minimum database privileges required to deploy and access each of the two databases.

Creating Databases for Multi-language Environments

If your system will be configured in a multi-language environment, or at least be required to handle data encoded in UTF-8 format, you may have to take special steps when creating your database, depending on the DBMS you will be using. Refer to the table in the "Creating Databases for Multi-language Environments" section of the Framework Database Connectivity Reference Guide for these additional steps.

Creating Databases for Single-language Environments

If your system will be configured in a single-language environment, you must make sure that the encoding used in their database matches the encoding set up on all hosts. If they have to perform some type of conversion, because they are unable to store data in the same encoding specified at the operation system level, they must depend on the DBMS capabilities of the vendor client software.

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