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How The Switchover Works

Genesys recommends an IP Address Takeover approach rather than using an NLB cluster configuration approach as in previous UCC releases. For a primary UC Connector application failure workflow, see the Framework 8.1 SIP Server High-Availability Deployment Guide, Deploying IP Address Takeover.

Note: The information below presents an NLB cluster approach rather than the recommended IP Address Takeover Approach.

The following steps describe a primary UC Connector failure workflow for a Windows NLB cluster configuration.

  1. The primary UC Connector (UC Connector 1) fails.

  2. The LCA detects the primary UC Connector application failure and reports it to the SCS.

  3. Through the LCA, SCS instructs the backup UC Connector (UC Connector 2) to go into primary mode.

  4. When backup UC Connector (UC Connector 2) goes into primary mode, a log event occurs, which indicates that the backup UC Connector has changed to primary mode. The log event triggers an associated alarm condition.

  5. The alarm condition triggers associated alarm reaction scripts.

  6. The alarm reaction scripts trigger the associated VIP control script application objects.

  7. The control scripts run Windows NLB utilities that disable the Web and Custom Server ports on the primary UC Connector and enable the web port on the backup UC Connector.
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