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Other Options

License Section


Default Value: No default value
Valid Values: Any valid port address in the format, <your_license_server_port>@<your_license_server_host> or the full path to the license file.
Changes Take Effect: After restart
Specifies the location of the license file.


Default Value: max (all available licenses)
Valid Values: 0 or string max, or any integer from 0-9999.
Changes Take Effect: After restart
Specifies how many seat licenses UC Connector checks out. UC Connector treats a value of 0 (zero) the same as it treats max—that is, it checks out all available licenses.

The sum of all num-of-seat-licenses values for all concurrently deployed UC Connector instances must not exceed the number of seat-related licenses in the corresponding license file. The primary and backup UC Connector share the same licenses, and therefore they need to be counted only once. UC Connector checks out the number of licenses indicated by the value for this option, regardless of the number actually in use.

Log Section

There is one UC Connector-specific option available for the Log section. For the common Log options, see the Framework 8.1 Deployment Guide.


Default Value: error
Valid Values: Error, Warn, Info, Debug
Changes Take Effect: Immediately
Specifies the log priority for internal UC Connector components.

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