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Security Procedures

For procedures, see the UC Connector 8.0.3 Lync Integration Deployment Guide, Security Procedures. That guide contain the following procedures, which apply to both Lync and Smart Link:

  • Adding UCC Host as Trusted Host in Lync
  • Generating the Client Certificate
  • Generating the Server Certificate Using Skype for Business Management Shell
  • Generating_the Server Certificate Using Microsoft Management Console
  • Generating the Server Certificate using Microsoft Management Console or CA Web Access
  • Generating the Front End Server Certificate
  • Modifying Command Line Arguments for MTLS
  • Enabling Kerberos Security Between UCC and Lync Skype for Business
  • Configuring Kerberos Security in Active Directory
  • Creating a Password for Kerberos Security
  • Exporting the Trusted Certificate from the Lync Skype for Business Host
  • Adding the Certificate to the UC Connector Installation
  • Creating the Configuration File for Kerberos Security
  • Configuring a Secure SIP Port
  • Modifying Command Line Parameters for TLS
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