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Microsoft OS Procedures

This section describes Microsft operating system-related procedures.

Modifying the Registry for Microsoft Lync / Skype for Business

Purpose: UC Connector can integrate with the Microsoft Lync / Skype for Business Client through a "Conversation Extension window" that opens when an interaction arrives at the Knowledge Worker’s desktop if the UC Connector Web UI is not already running. Additionally, a Custom Menu can be added to the Microsoft Lync / Skype for Business Client that when selected will start the UC Connector Web UI. Both features require an import to the Windows Registry using a registry file included in the UC Connection installation.

Use of the "conversation extension window" currently only supported on Lync deployments. It is not supported when using Skype for Business. Custom Menus are supported on both Lync and Skype for Business deployments.

1. On the UC Connector host machine, locate the registry file required for your operating system. Go to the microsoft-oc-client folder in the UC Connector installation, and select one of the following registry files:

  • mocAppLync—For Lync / Skype for Business on 32-bit systems.
  • mocAppLync64—For Lync Lync / Skype for Business on 64-bit system.

2. Double click on the relevant file for the Registry entries to be updated.

3. Alternatively, on the Knowledge Worker machine (where the Lync / Skype for Business client is installed), open the Windows Registry Editor. Click Start > Run > Regedit and navigate to the path that you found in Step 1.

4. Repeat this process for every Knowledge Worker client machine in your deployment.

Next Steps:

1. Set user-auto-registration to true. This enables automated login for all Knowledge Workers.

2. Secured mode is mandatory for integrations with Microsoft Lync.

  • For TLS, see Enabling Secure Communication.
  • For push presence status functionality with Lync, Mutual Transport Layer Security (MTLS) is required.

See Enabling Secure Communication. 3. Once secured mode is configured, you must integrate the UC Connector deployment with Genesys Routing. See Integrating with Genesys Routing.

Adding Authorized Hosts to Microsoft

file:important.png This procedure involves adding UCC hosts as an Authorized Host in the installation. If the UCC host should not be authorized, you may want to enable Kerberos security instead. For details, see the UC Connector 8.0.3 Integration Deployment Guide, Trusted Host.

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