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T-Server Compatibility with UC Connector

This section lists T-Server support for the emulated agent functionality in UC Connector.

T-Server Version UC Connect Compatibility
Alcatel A4200 7.6 No
Alcatel A4400/OXE 8.0+ Yes
Aspect ACD 8.0 No
Avaya Communication Manager 8.0+ Yes
Avaya INDeX 8.0+ Yes
Avaya TSAPI 8.0+ Yes
Cisco UCCE 8.0+ Yes
Cisco UCM 8.0+ Yes
Digitro AXS/20 7.5 No
EADS Intercom M6880 8.0 No
Ericsson MD110 8.0+ Yes
Huawei NGN 7.6 No
Mitel SX-2000/MN-3300 7.2 No
Nortel CS1000 8.0+ Yes
Nortel CS2000 8.0+ Yes
Rockwell Spectrum 8.0 No
Siemens Hicom 300/HiPath 4000 CSTA I 7.6+ Yes
Siemens HiPath 4000 CSTA III 8.0+ Yes
Siemens HiPath DX 8.0+ Yes
Tadiran Coral 8.0+ Yes
Genesys SIP Server 8.0+ Yes
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