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Integrating with Workspace Desktop Edition

For the purposes of this guide, the agent side of the customer interaction is presented using Workspace Desktop Edition 8.5. Workspace provides the functionality required to give agents access to experts outside the contact center. This functionality includes:

  • Showing a group of Knowledge Workers in the Workspace Buddy List (the group will appear as a regular agent group).
  • Showing an individual Knowledge Worker in the Workspace Buddy List (the KW will appear as a regular agent).

For more information about using the Buddy List, consult the Workspace Desktop Edition 8.5 Deployment Guide and the Workspace Desktop Edition 8.5 User’s Guide.

If you are using previous versions of Agent Desktop, or a customized agent client using the Genesys SDK, some modifications may be required to achieve the above functionality. Consult the Agent Desktop Deployment Guide for your version of the product, or the Genesys SDK used to create your custom agent client.

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