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Reporting Events

UC Connector produces and sends reporting-related events for the Interaction Preview mechanism to reporting platforms through the T-Server/SIP Server. To enable reporting, set the enable-preview-reporting option to true in the uc-connector section of the UC Connector Application.

The feature is designed to be used with the ICON Custom Agent State feature, although other reporting platforms can be used. For information on agent states, see both the Genesys Info Mart 8.1 User's Guide and 8.1 Deployment Guide.

The T-Library function TDistributeUserEvent is used to report Preview offers and completion results for each Knowledge Worker offered an interaction Preview. UC Connector sends a request to T-Server to distribute the corresponding event to all registered clients. A reporting application then makes relevant detailed records upon receiving these events.

When there are invalid configuration parameters, the default values will be used.

Message Content

All events sent by UC Connector to T-Server will contain the following:

  • ConID—Connection ID of the current call.
  • ThisDN—The main DN of the Knowledge Worker.
  • AgentID—The Knowledge Worker's Agent ID.
  • UserData—This is the custom state-related information to be sent to T-Server/SIP Server.

The Preview offer will start the custom state identified by the key UCC_Preview and the number 3271, which is customizable by the configuration option preview-state-name. The Preview offer event will also record the associated ConnID using the key UCC_ConnID, and the Knowledge Worker's user ID using the key UCC_UserId, and the Knowledge Worker's login ID using the key UCC_AgentId.

The Preview termination event will record the reason for the termination using the key UCC_Reason. One of the following reasons will be recorded:

Accepted—The user accepts the interaction.

Rejected—The user explicitly rejects the interaction by pressing the appropriate button or key.

Timeout—The user does nothing while the interaction Preview is open.

Taken—Another user accepts the interaction. This can only occur in broadcast mode.

Error—An error occurred while showing the interaction Preview window.

Cancel—The interaction was abandoned by the original caller.

The keys UCC_ConnId, UCC_UserId, UCC_AgentId, and UCC_Reason are configurable with the option presence-gateway-mode.

Preview offer event User Data

UCC_Preview = "+" 
UCC_ConnId = "3271, <ConnID(hex number)>" 
UCC_AgentId = "3271, <agent_id>" 
UCC_UserId = "3271, <user_id>" 

Preview termination event User Data

UCC_Reason = "3271, {Accepted|Rejected|...}" 
UCC_Preview = "-" 
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