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Customized Help

UC Connector lets you create customized Help files that Knowledge Workers can access from the web-based user interface. If enabled on a particular window, a clickable Help button appears, providing a link to a .html help file that opens in the Knowledge Worker's browser. A sample .html help file is included on the product CD, under Documentation/Help. You can use this file, or create one of your own, stored at a network-accessible location.

You can specify a different help file for each of the following windows in the user interface:

  • Login screen (help-login-url)
  • Interaction window (help-interaction-url)
  • Preview and Interaction windows (help-callcontrol-url, the same option is used for both windows)

For detailed procedures, see Customizing the Help Button.

The following figures show some sample screens where the Knowledge Worker can access an enabled Help button.

Ucc CustHelp Deploy2.png
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