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Mnemonic ID Flag Short Description Log Name Long Description
CFGNoTarget 0 0 'Unknown Target Type' NoTarget The value of the corresponding parameter has not changed.
CFGTargetAgent 1 0 'Target Agent' TargetAgent
CFGTargetPlace 2 0 'Target Place' TargetPlace
CFGTargetAgentGroup 3 0 'Target Agent Group' TargetAgentGroup
CFGTargetPlaceGroup 4 0 'Target Place Group' TargetPlaceGroup
CFGTargetRoutingPoint 5 0 'Target Routing Point' TargetRoutingPoint
CFGTargetACDQueue 6 0 'Target Queue' TargetACDQueue
CFGTargetDestinationLabel 7 0 'Target Network Destination' TargetDestinationLabel
CFGTargetACDQueueGroup 8 0 'Target Queue Group' TargetACDQueueGroup
CFGTargetExtRoutingPoint 9 0 'Target External Routing Point' TargetExtRoutingPoint
CFGTargetISCC 10 0 'Target ISCC' TargetISCC Inter-Server Communication Channel. Must be choosen for External Routing Route types.
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