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Mnemonic ID Flag Short Description Log Name Long Description
CFGDMNoDialMode 0 0 'Unknown Dialing Mode' NoDialMode The value of corresponding parameter has not changed
CFGDMPredict 1 0 'Predictive' Predict Predictive
CFGDMProgress 2 0 'Progressive' Progress Progressive
CFGDMPreview 3 0 'Preview' Preview Preview
CFGDMProgressAndSeize 4 0 'Progressive with seizing' ProgressAndSeize Progressive with seizing
CFGDMPredictAndSeize 5 0 'Predictive with seizing' PredictAndSeize Predictive with seizing
CFGDMPower 6 0 'Power' Power
CFGDMPowerAndSeize 7 0 'Power with seizing' PowerAndSeize
CFGDMPushPreview 8 0 'Push Preview' PushPreview
CFGDMProgressGVP 9 0 'Progress GVP' ProgressGVP
CFGDMPredictGVP 10 0 'Predict GVP' PredictGVP
CFGDMPowerGVP 11 0 'Power GVP' PowerGVP


DM in value name means belonging to CfgDialMode enumeration.

The CfgDialMode is applicable for Configuration Library/Server release 5.1.5xx only.

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