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Mnemonic ID Flag Short Description Log Name Long Description
CFGIVRTNoIVRType 0 0 'Unknown IVR Type' Unknown The value of corresponding parameter has not changed
CFGIVRTConversant 1 0 'Conversant' Conversant
CFGIVRTDirectTalk6000 2 0 'WVR for AIX' DirectTalk6000
CFGIVRTSyntellectVocalPoint 3 1 'Syntellect Vocal Point' SyntellectVocalPoint
CFGIVRTSyntellectPremier 4 1 'Syntellect Premier' SyntellectPremier
CFGIVRTSyntellectVista 5 1 'Syntellect Vista' SyntellectVista
CFGIVRTVoiceTek 6 1 'Voicetek' VoiceTek
CFGIVRTAgility 7 1 'Agility' Agility
CFGIVRTMeridianIntegrated 8 1 'Meridian Integrated' MeridianIntegrated
CFGIVRTSymposiumOpen 9 1 'Symposium Open' SymposiumOpen
CFGIVRTEdify 10 0 'Edify' Edify
CFGIVRTBrite 11 1 'Brite' Brite
CFGIVRTShowNTel 12 0 'ShowNTel' ShowNTel
CFGIVRTIntervoice 13 0 'Intervoice Brite' Intervoice
CFGIVRTPeriphonics 14 0 'Periphonics VPS/is' Periphonics
CFGIVRTAmerex 15 1 'Amerex' Amerex
CFGIVRTDirectTalkNT 16 0 'WVR for Windows' DirectTalkNT
CFGIVRTeleraGVP 17 0 'Genesys Voice Platform' TeleraGVP
CFGIVRTAspectCSS 19 0 'Aspect CSS' AspectCSS
CFGIVRTMSSpeechServer 20 0 'Microsoft Speech Server' MSSpeechServer
CFGIVRTOtherIVRType 21 0 'Other IVR Type' OtherIVRType
CFGIVRTEnvox 22 0 'Envox' Envox


IVRT in value name means belonging to CfgIVRType enumeration.

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