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Mnemonic ID Flag Short Description Log Name Long Description
CFGNoDN 0 0 'Unknown DN Type' Unknown The value of the corresponding parameter has not changed.
CFGExtension 1 0 'Extension' Extension A regular extension line.
CFGACDPosition 2 0 'ACD Position' ACDPosition An extension line designated for customer-agent calls only.
CFGACDQueue 3 8 'ACD Queue' ACDQueue An ACD queue.
CFGRoutingPoint 4 8 'Routing Point' RoutingPoint A routing point (a telephony object within the switch at which calls reside while routing decisions are being made).
CFGVirtACDQueue 5 8 'Virtual Queue' VirtualACDQueue A virtual ACD queue. A virtual telephony object handled and reported exclusively by CTI applications and whose event model corresponds to the event model of a regular ACD queue.
CFGVirtRoutingPoint 6 8 'Virtual Routing Point' VirtualRoutingPoint A virtual routing point. A virtual telephony object handled and reported exclusively by CTI applications and whose event model corresponds to the event model of a regular routing point.
CFGEAPort 7 0 'Voice Treatment Port' VoiceTreatmentPort An extension connected to a electronic audio/voice treatment port (e.g., IVR).
CFGVoiceMail 8 0 'Voice Mail' VoiceMail A voice mail channel.
CFGCellular 9 0 'Mobile Station' Cellular A mobile station.
CFGCP 10 0 'Call Processing Port' CP An extension connected to a call-processing equipment port.
CFGFAX 11 0 'Fax' FAX An extension connected to a fax machine.
CFGData 12 0 'Modem' Data An extension connected to a data communication equipment.
CFGMusic 13 0 'Music Port' Music A music source.
CFGTrunk 14 0 'Trunk' Trunk A trunk.
CFGTrunkGroup 15 0 'Trunk Group' TrunkGroup A group of trunks forming one route.
CFGTieLine 16 0 'Tie Line' TieLine A tie line.
CFGTieLineGroup 17 0 'Tie Line Group' TieLineGroup A group of tie lines forming one route.
CFGMixed 18 0 'Mixed' Mixed An extension line that can be used as CFGACDPosition as well as CFGExtension.
CFGExtRoutingPoint 19 8 'External Routing Point' ExtRoutingPoint A routing point that is dedicated to support external routing functions.
CFGDestinationLabel 20 0 'Network Destination' DestinationLabel A destination label used as a destination number in network routing.
CFGServiceNumber 21 8 'Service Number' ServiceNumber A service number used as a routing point in network routing.
CFGRoutingQueue 22 8 'Routing Queue' RoutingQueue A telephony object that has properties of both CFGRoutingPoint and CFGACDQueue.
CFGCommDN 23 0 'Communication DN' CommunicationDN A telephony object that NetVector components use to communicate with a switch.
CFGEmail 24 0 'E-mail Address' Email An e-mail address.
CFGVoIP 25 0 'Voice over IP Port' VoIP A Voice over IP.
CFGVideo 26 0 'Video over IP Port' Video A Video channel.
CFGChat 27 0 'Chat' Chat A Chat address
CFGCoBrowse 28 0 'CoBrowse' CoBrowse A CoBrowse address
CFGVoIPService 29 0 'Voice over IP Service' VoIPService A Voice over IP Service
CFGWorkflow 30 0 'Workflow' Workflow A Workflow DN
CFGAccessResource 31 8 'Access Resource' AccessResource A Switch Access Resource to be used in multi-switch environment (ext routing)
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