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Mnemonic ID Flag Short Description Log Name Long Description
CFGENTNoEnumeratorType 0 0 'Unknown' Unknown
CFGENTInteractionOperationalAttribute 1 0 'Interaction Operational Attribute' InteractionOperationalAttribute
CFGENTRole 2 0 'Role' Role
CFGENTContactAttribute 3 0 'Contact Attribute' ContactAttribute
CFGENTCustom 4 0 'Custom' Custom
CFGENTGVPMasterList 5 0 'GVP Master List' GVPMasterList
CFGENTGVPCustomList 6 0 'GVP Custom List' GVPCustomList
CFGENTGVPMasterDefault 7 0 'GVP Master Default' GVPMasterDefault
CFGENTGVPCustomDefault 8 0 'GVP Custom Default' GVPCustomDefault
CFGENTGVPAlias 9 0 'GVP Alias' GVPAlias


ENT in every enumeration value stands to stress the fact it belongs to CfgEnumeratorType enumeration.

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