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Preparing for Installation

  • In release 9.0, all iWD components operate as standalone components.
  • JDBC drivers provided along with IPs (iWD History Node, iWD Datamart and iWD SSJE) are only for sample purposes. Customers must provide appropriate JDBC drivers for iWD History Node, iWD Datamart, iWD SSJE and GAX (for iWD Plugin for GAX).


Software Environment

  • From release 9.0.2, iWD requires:
    • Eclipse in order to use the Composer version of the iWD BP.
    • ActiveMQ installation with appropriate driver (see Installation Phase Overview).
  • For the new iWD Manager user interface, these are the minimum browser requirements (Genesys strongly recommends latest versions at all times):
    • Google Chrome (40+)
    • Mozilla Firefox (52+)
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+
    • Apple Safari 9+
  • For production deployments, install the Genesys Rules System web applications on a separate instance of the application server.
  • A supported database server must be installed, with the database created and accessible for both the iWD Data Mart and the iWD History Node database. Since connection to these databases will be made via JDBC make sure to have in possession suitable JDBC drivers for your database of choice.
From release 9.0, Java 6 and 7 are no longer supported. Refer to the iWD page in the Genesys Supported Operating Environment Reference Manual for supported platforms and database servers.

Genesys Components

iWD components are provided with UTF-8 encoding enabled by the default. If your environment is not configured for Unicode support and no non-Latin characters are expected in it, then remove encoding arguments from the startup scripts of iWD components after their installation.

The following procedure applies for iWD Manager, iWD History Node and iWD Runtime Node:

  1. Under your installation folder, locate the JavaServerStarter.ini file (for Windows) or the iwd_<component_name>.sh file (for Linux, <component_name> is either manager, history or runtime for the corresponding component).
  2. Remove the -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 part from the [JavaArgs] section (for Windows) or from JAVA_OPTS (for Linux).

However if non-Latin characters are expected, then refer to the following links for more details on how to apply Unicode support:

Components List (minimum)

  • Management Framework—8.5.1
  • Interaction Server—8.5.110
  • Universal Routing Server—8.1.400
  • Orchestration Server—8.1.400.48
  • Universal Contact Server—8.5.300.09
  • Genesys Rules Engine—8.5.302
  • Genesys Rules Authoring Tool—8.5.302
  • GAX:
    • for releases of iWD GAX Plug-in up to and including
    • for iWD GAX Plug-in
    • for releases of iWD GAX Plug-in from 9.0.004 onwards.
    Please see the release note Known Issues topic.
  • Stat Server 8.5.107
  • Pulse 9.0.0

Support for RHEL 64-bit Platforms

Installers support installation of Red Hat Linux 64-bit platforms only when RHEL standard compatibility packs for 32-bit platforms have been installed. These packages have generic names like:

  • compat-glibc*
  • compat-libstdc++*
  • libstdc++* '

You might also need to ensure that the JAVA_HOME variable points to the correct JDK.


This DVD contains the following components:

  • iWD Runtime Node—Runs scheduled iWD Data Mart services.
  • iWD Manager—A graphical user interface (GUI). iWD Manager is used for real-time management of tasks.
  • iWD History Node—Reporting data source for iWD Data Mart and iWD Manager .
  • iWD GAX Plugin—Business configuration of the iWD solution.
  • iWD Stat Extensions—Stat Server Java Extensions that provide Stat Server clients, such as CCPulse+, the ability to request and display current-day statistics from iWD’s Data Mart.
  • iWD Web—A web-based, easy-to-deploy workload management solution.
For production deployments, install the iWD web applications and the Genesys Rules System web applications as separate application server instances, for improved scalability and memory management.

Installing as Standalone Application

On Windows

To deploy on Windows, find the following files:

  • JavaServerStarter.exe—This is the executable binary that is used in Windows service definition and is used to launch the application defined in the JavaServerStarter.ini file.
  • JavaServerStarter.ini—This is a configuration file that allows you to define the application and its starting options. Because iWD depends on Java you can define Java options here. For example;
AppTitle="Genesys iWD Data Mart"




On UNIX there are no JavaServerStarter files. The application uses a regular script, for example; iwd_runtime.sh, where Java with its optional arguments is explicitly called. Then you can simply use the following example:

JAVA_JRE -XX:MaxPermSize=128m -Xms256M -Xmx1536M -host Configuration Server Host -port Configuration Server Port -app Application_Name
On 64-bit platforms, you can define more than 1.5GB for the Xmx parameter. For example, Genesys recommends 12GB for the Runtime Node application.
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