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Viewing User And Group Metrics

Interaction Workspace enables agents to view real-time metrics of their performance and the performance of the contact center in a table view or in a dedicated gadget component. Statistical information is displayed in the form of industry standard- and contact center-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs enable agents to focus on their efficiency and to compare their performance against that of their colleagues. Interaction Workspace enables you to configure which KPIs are displayed to your agents, with what frequency, and with what alarm conditions. Examples of statistics that can be displayed in Interaction Workspace:

Login-time statistics:

  • Login duration
  • Ready duration
  • Wrap duration
  • Talk duration
  • Hold duration
  • Number of interaction transferred
  • Number of internal calls
  • Number of refused interactions
  • Total number of interactions
  • Average handling time
  • Number of voice interactions
  • Average handling time voice interactions
  • Number of e-mail interactions
  • Average handling time e-mail interactions
  • Number of chat
  • Average handling time chat

You can use the following options in the interaction-workspace section to configure the behavior of KPIs in Interaction Workspace:

  • kpi.displayed-kpis -- Defines the KPIs that are displayed to the agent. The KPI names refer to names of the sections that are defined by the Application KPI options.
  • kpi.show-agent-groups -- Defines whether KPIs are also calculated for the Agent Groups that contain the agent.
  • kpi.refresh-time -- Defines the frequency of notification (in seconds) for statistics.

You can use configuration options in each section that defines a KPI to configure the behavior of KPIs in Interaction Workspace (refer to Section: <KPI Name>). Statistics are displayed in both the Main Window and the Statistics Gadget.

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