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Concepts And Features

Interaction Workspace features a unified user interface (UI) that empowers contact-center employees to make their contact center truly dynamic by enabling them to respond in real time to real-time information from a wide variety of touch points and channels.


Interaction Workspace enhances internal communications, user performance, and quality. Interaction Workspace features a privilege-driven flow of information based on roles that you assign to your agents.

Information.png Note: The functionality that is assigned to agents through their defined role determines the footprint of the Interaction Workspace application that is downloaded to their workstation. Agents who have simple roles assigned to them do not require as much space for the application as agents whose roles contain many privileges.

Main Features

The following is a list of some of the main features of Interaction Workspace:

  • Role-based application
  • Open Framework for integration and extendability
  • Support of plug-ins from many Genesys solutions.
  • Advanced Multi-Channel Interaction interface
  • Accessibility
  • Active Call Recording
  • Active Screen Recording
  • Multiple Channels
    • Inbound Voice for both SIP and TDM
    • Outbound Campaigns
    • Web Callback
    • E-Mail
      • Print preview
      • QA review
    • eServices
      • Chat (including support for Chat High Availability (HA) and nicknames)
      • SMS
      • Web Callback
      • Facebook (by an eServices plug-in)
      • Twitter (by an eServices plug-in)
      • RSS (by an eServices plug-in)
    • Workbin
    • Workitem
  • Team Communicator
  • Favorites and Corporate Favorites
  • Internal Instant Messaging
  • Standard Responses Library and suggested responses (including filtering by language or other category)
  • Agent and Contact-Center performance tracking
  • Contact History Management
  • Last-agent routing
  • Broadcast Message viewing
  • Disposition codes
  • Customer context notifications
  • Silent monitoring, coaching, and barge-in (SIP and Chat only; for Team Lead agents or from a 3rd party Supervisor, including monitoring the current interaction)
    • Multi-site support
  • Main Window view or Gadget based interface.
  • Spelling check (including corporate dictionary support)
  • Business Continuity (Disaster Recovery)
  • Implementation of Language Packs to facilitate the customization of the User Interface in any non-right-reading language.
  • Business Data Management and Case Data Management

High-Level Architecture

Interaction Workspace incorporates Genesys interactions into a multi-modal paradigm that enables agents to invoke interactions within interactions to ensure a consistent customer experience. Interaction Workspace is integrated with Genesys 8 components and applications, including Enterprise SDK, Platform SDK, Management Framework, T-Servers, Universal Contact Server, Interaction Server, Configuration Server Data Base, Statistics Server for Reporting, SIP Server, and various specialized plug-in IPs. Interaction Workspace is dependent upon Genesys Administrator. See Architecture for a more detailed description of the Interaction Workspace architecture.

Time Zones

Interaction Workspace displays all dates based on the time zone and the locale of the workstation where the user is logged in.

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