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ClickOnce Deployment Prerequisites

ClickOnce provides a centralized deployment environment that enables you to distribute software and updates from a single server to all agent workstations.

A ClickOnce deployment requires certain conditions to be met both on the client-side and on the server side. This section summarizes the prerequisites for deployment on different web severs and on the client workstation. Refer to the Tables Of Supported Systems topic for information about the specific environment, system, and operating system versions that are supported by Interaction Workspace.

Licensing and Certificate Management

For details on deploying security certificates, refer to Constraints Security Constraints.

Deployment on an Apache Server

You must have a Windows server, Linux server, or Solaris server, and Apache Server (refer to Tables Of Supported Systems). You must also configure Apache by using the following Procedure: Configuring Apache to enable the ClickOnce package.

Deployment on an IIS Server

Your environment must have Windows Server and Microsoft IIS (Refer to the Tables Of Supported Systems). The Interaction Workspace Deployment Manager is installed on the server along with the application material. To deploy Interaction Workspace, launch the Interaction Workspace Deployment Manager wizard. The wizard prompts for the required information. You must sign the ClickOnce deployment using a corporate certificate or a test certificate.

Information.png Note: To avoid an error with Interaction Workspace Deployment Manager, you must log in as Administrator.

Deployment on the Client

Interaction Workspace runs on the Window client-side operating system. The workstation must have the .NET Framework installed. The following browsers are supported: Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Refer to the Tables Of Supported Systems for the specific versions that are supported.

Information.png Note:

  • Other browsers, such as Safari, Opera, and Chrome are not officially supported and might not function correctly.
  • To properly deploy the Workspace ClickOnce package on agent workstations, the end users must have write access to the StartMenu folder of their Windows Users Profile.

Mass Deployment of .NET Framework

If you do not have the .NET Framework installed on all of your client workstation, you can use the procedures that are found on the Microsoft Developer Network to perform a mass deployment. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc160717.aspx

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