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Editor Options


Added: 8.1.400.24
  • Default Value: point
  • Valid Values: A valid font size unit. The following units are supported: pixel, point
  • Changes take effect: When the application is started or restarted.
  • Description: Specifies whether points or pixels are used for the units of font size in the Rich Editor view for e-mail and other rich text based interactions.
Font size is always stored in pixels in the configuration layer. This option defines how font size is displayed.


Added: 8.1.401.63
  • Default Value: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0)
  • Valid Values: A string representing a valid User-Agent HTTP header according to RFC 1945.
  • Changes take effect: At the next interaction.
  • Description: Specifies the User-Agent HTTP header value set in the HTTP requests used by the rich text editor to download external images.
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