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Previewing Incoming Interactions

Interaction Preview is rendered through an Interactive Notification pop-up from the System Tray from the Interaction Workspace icon. The Interactive Notification pop-up preview handles inbound notification for ringing voice interactions (SIP or TDM) or SIP interaction preview or incoming eServices interactions (e-mail, chat, or workitem). The preview contains sufficient information to enable agents to determine whether to accept or reject an interaction. The following privileges enable these actions:

  • Accept Interaction or Accept Preview
  • Reject Interaction or Decline Preview

In a Voice environment, if the Reject privilege is granted to an agent, the Reject function is available only for an incoming voice call if T-Server provides information about the queue or Routing Point that is used to deliver the call to the agent.

Information.png Note: You can control the behavior of the Voice Reject function by using the interaction.reject-route configuration option.

You can use the following options in the interaction-workspace section to configure the Interaction preview:

  • interaction.case-data.format-business-attribute -- Specifies the case-data format.
  • interaction.case-data.frame-color -- Specifies the color of the border of the Case Data view frame. Examples: #FFFFBA00 for a Gold color, #FF6F7074 for a Silver color, and #FFB8400B for a Bronze color. This option can be overridden by a routing strategy.
  • voice.ringing-bell -- Specifies the voice channel ringing sound configuration string.
  • interaction.override-option-key=IW_OverrideOptions.

To configure an agent for SIP Preview, see Procedure: Enabling an agent to use the SIP Preview feature.

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