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Configure the Frontend Server for UTF-8

DevGuide2.png Purpose: To configure your Frontend Server to support UTF-8 in Configuration Server. You must complete this procedure to enable Frontend Server to support multi-language categories.


  • Your version of Configuration Server supports UTF-8 (version


  1. Navigate to your installation directory for the Frontend Server and open the launcher.xml file with a text editor. For example: C:\GCTI\Genesys Web Engagement\servers\frontend\launcher.xml.
  2. Find the parameter named useUTF8CfgSrvConnect.
  3. In the format element, change the default value to true. For example:
    <parameter name="useUTF8CfgSrvConnect" displayName="useUTF8CfgSrvConnect" mandatory="true">
        <format type="boolean" default="true" />
        <validation />
  4. Save your changes.


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