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Genesys Web Engagement Developer's Guide

This Developer's Guide includes the following introductory material to help you to understand and use Genesys Web Engagement:

  • Product Overview — Start here for an overview of Genesys Web Engagement's features, components, and related components.
  • Architecture — A look at the high-level architecture and event workflow for Genesys Web Engagement.
  • Visitor Identification — Identify visitors and capture their activities on your website.
  • Engagement Models — Define categories or business events with the Simple and Advanced Web Engagement models.
  • Application Development — Contains information about the entire application development process, including how to create, build, and deploy your application; creating business information, catetories, and rules; customizing the widgets and engagement strategies; testing with the Web Engagement Proxy; and enabling monitoring.
  • Genesyslab Sample — A full Genesys Web Engagement sample application you can deploy and test.
  • Check Your Application Version — Details how you can check the version of your application and the Genesys Web Engagement Servers.
  • Using the Plug-in for GAX — Provides information about the Plug-in for Genesys Administrator Extension and how you can use it to create your Web Engagement application.
  • Using the Plug-in for IW — Provides information about how the Plug-in for Interaction Workspace extends the IW interface to support Genesys Web Engagement.
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