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Genesys Web Engagement API Reference

DevGuide2.png Purpose: To list the Reference Guides available for Genesys Web Engagement

Monitoring JavaScript Reference

You can use this JavaScript Reference to define Business Events sent by your web pages to the Web Engagement Frontend Server. These events are independent from the set of conditions and definitions used to create events with the Monitoring DSL Reference. See Monitoring JavaScript Reference.

Monitoring DSL Reference

You can use the Monitoring DSL Reference to define conditions which enable the Web Engagement Monitoring Agents to submit BUSINESS events to the Web Engagement Frontend Server.

  • To learn more about the Monitoring Agent, see Architecture.
  • To learn more about the Advanced Model, which include DSL event conditions and definitions, see Advanced Engagement.

History REST Reference

You can use the History REST Reference to create REST queries and access data stored in the Genesys Web Engagement Backend Server. The Backend Database stores all the histories related to the customers visits: events, visited pages, sessions, user information. See History REST for further details.

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