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Add Localization Files

DevGuide2.png Purpose: To add Localization Files to your Web Engagement application.

The localization files must be compliant with jquery.localize.js, a jQuery plug-in that makes it easy to internationalize and localize your static web site. See the official website for further information on jquery-localize.

Add Localization Files to Your Web Engagement Application

DevGuide2.png Purpose: To enable additional languages for internationalization on your web engagement widgets.


  1. Open the Web Engagement Installation folder and navigate to the [application name]\_composer-project\WebEngagement_EngagementWidgets\locale directory. This folder contains the localization resources for each widget:
    • registration-<lang>.json for the registration form displayed to anonymous users.
    • chat-<lang>.json for the chat invite.
    • callback-<lang>.json for the callback invite.
  2. To add a new supported language <lang> for these widgets, where <lang> is the short locale name of the language (en, fr, ru etc.) or full locale name in IETF (en-US, fr-FR), follow these steps:
    • Create a copy of the <name of the widget>-en.json locale file.
    • Rename it to: <name of the widget>-<lang>.json.
    • Edit <name of the widget>-<lang>.json and replace all the text values with your translations.
    • Save.
  3. To deploy these localization files:


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