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Create Categories

DevGuide2.png Purpose: To create Categories with Genesys Administrator Extension. Each category contains business information based on URL and webpage titles, used in conditions to generate actionable events. For further information, read Simple Engagement.

Creating a Category

DevGuide2.png Purpose: To create categories to implement the simple engagement model on your website.

  • Genesys Administrator Extension, 8.1.301.02 or later, is installed;
  • Web Engagement Plug-in for Genesys Administrator is installed.


  1. Open Genesys Administrator Extension and login.
  2. Navigate to CONFIGURATION > Categories. The Categories interface opens.
  3. Select the application's tenant.
    • Click on the Switch Tenant button:
      Click the Switch tenant.

      The Switch tenant dialog box opens.
    • In the drop-down list, select the Tenant where you deployed Genesys Web Engagement.
      Select the application's tenant.

    • Click OK.
  4. In the Categories menubar, click + to add a new category. The New panel appears.
  5. Enter a Category name—for example, Products;
  6. (Optional) Enter a description;
  7. Enable the Show category in Interaction Workspace option to display this category in the Interaction Workspace, if an agent opens interactions related to this category.
  8. Click Save. The category appears in the Categories panel.


Create Category Matching Tags

DevGuide2.png Purpose: To add the business information which should raise events for a category. Each matching tag contains an expression to search in URLs and titles submitted with the events of the browser. For instance, a tag to identify the http://www.genesyslab.com/products/genesys-inbound-voice/overview.aspx page could be the plain expression 'genesys-inbound-voice' or the regular expression 'Inbound Voice'.

  1. In the Categories panel, select your category. The <category name> panel opens.
    The selected category is opened and ready for customization.

  2. In Language-specific Display names, click +. The Name details panel opens.
    • Enter a Name—for example, Products.
    • Select a Language—for example, en-US.
    • Click Save. Interaction Workspace and other Genesys Tools will display Products for english users.
    • Define additional Display Names if needed, then close the panel.
      Adding French Display name.
  3. In the Category Matching Tags section, click +. The Tags details panel opens.
  4. Fill in the form to create a tag. For example, let's create a tag which refers to a specific product, such as Genesys Inbound Voice:
    • Enter a name—for example, Inbound Voice;
    • Select a type—for example, Plain Text;
    • Enter an expression according to the selected type; for a plain expression example, genesys-inbound-voice; for e regular expression example, Inbound*Voice
    • Optionally, enable case-sensitive to enable a case-sensitive search.
    • Select a locale language—for example, English (United States).
      Create as many tags as needed.

    • Click Save. The new tag is added to the Category Matching Tags list.

End For further details about this tool, see also:

  • You can use regular expressions to create tags.
  • You can create as many tags as you need to complete your category. Note that all events raised for the given tags will be associated with this specific category.
  • You can create as many categories as needed.

Next steps

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