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Installing Genesys Web Engagement

DevGuide2.png Purpose: List the Installation tasks for Genesys Web Engagement.

Note: If the installation is successful, you must create a Web Engagement application before your can run and test Web Engagement. See the Developer's Guide for further details.

Tasks Procedures
1. Prepare Configuration Server. Complete the following procedures:
2. Configure the Web Engagement servers. Complete the following procedures:
3. Install Genesys Web Engagement. Complete one of the following procedures, as per your operating system:
4. Run the Provisioning Tool (optional). The Provisioning Tool creates all the configuration information related to Genesys Web Engagement in Configuration Server. It is run automatically as part of the installation process, but the tool is also included in your Web Engagement installation and you can use it after installation to change your configuration.

See Provisioning for details.

5. Install the Genesys Web Engagement plug-ins for Interaction Workspace and Genesys Administrator Extension. See Installing Plug-ins for installation details.
6. Import the CCPulse+ sample reporting templates. See Importing CCPulse+ Templates.
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