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Configure Roles for GRAT

DevGuide2.png Purpose: Configure Roles for Genesys Rules Authoring Tool.

(Optional) Configure Roles Settings for Rules Management

DevGuide2.png Purpose: To import permissions which enable a user to create rules for Genesys Web Engagement. Once roles are imported, you can assign them to the user involved in publishing the rules template and creating rules for Web Engagement.
Note: This step is optional if you already created a user with Roles Privileges that enable creating Rules packages in Genesys Rules Authoring. See Role-Based Access Control in the Genesys Rules System Deployment Guide.


  1. Start Genesys Administrator and navigate to PROVISIONING > Accounts > Roles. Click New...
  2. Enter a name for this role. For instance, GWE Rules Administrator.
  3. Expand Members. You can now specify who will have this role privilege. Click on the Add buttons to add an access group or a user. For instance, demo.

    New Role
  4. Select the Role Privileges tab and select Genesys Rules Authoring Tool in the Add/Remove Products section. The list of privileges appears.

    Imported Role Privileges
  5. Click Save & Close.


  • Members of this role can do the following:
    • Create and publish CEP rule templates
    • Create, modify, and deploy rule packages
    • Create, modify, and delete rules

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