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Related Components

DevGuide2.png Purpose: List components required for installing Genesys Web Engagement and creating your web engagement application.

Server Dependencies

The following servers are mandatory connections for the Web Engagement Servers:

Server Name Compliant Versions (and later)
Orchestration Server 8.1.300.25
Universal Routing Server 8.1.300.20
Stat Server
Interaction Server 
Chat Server 
Contact Server 
Genesys Rules Authoring Server 
Configuration Server (for UTF-8 support)

Components for your Application Development

The following components are mandatory for the creation of customized Web Engagement applications:

Component Name Compliant versions Details
Genesys Rules Authoring Tool or later You must create a user with Roles Privileges that enable the creation of Rules package in Genesys Rules Authoring. See Role-Based Access Control in the Genesys Rules System Deployment Guide.
Genesys Rules Development Tool or later This component must be deployed as Composer plug-in or independently in Eclipse; make sure that settings are correct for Configuration Server and Repository Server, as detailed in Installing the GRDT Component in the Genesys Rules System Deployment Guide.
Composer 8.1.300.51 or later Mandatory to publish the Web Engagement rules template. This component can also be used to update or deploy routing and engagement strategies.
Genesys Administrator Extension 8.1.400.43 or later Mandatory for the simple engagement model.
Genesys Administrator 8.1.300.02 or later Mandatory.

Components for Interaction Management

  • Interaction Workspace, version 8.1.301.10 and later.

Additional Components (Optional)

  • CCPulse+, version
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