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This topic describes part of the functionality of Genesys Content Analyzer.

Training consists of the following steps:

1. Creating a training object.

2. Scheduling and running the training.

These steps include various actions, such as:

All of these actions are performed by Training Server according to settings you provide using Knowledge Manager, which also displays the results.

Creating a Training Object

A training object combines a category tree and a set of text objects, with each text object assigned to one category in the tree (categorized). The text objects are typically e-mails, but you may choose to have the set of text objects also include the standard responses associated with the category tree.

Training scans the text objects and forms a statistical model of the words and phrases that tend to occur in each category. This is why you may want to have the training scan standard responses: they are very likely to include many words and phrases diagnostic of their category. This is also the reason that more text objects is better: it increases the sample size, which increases the accuracy of the model.

There are five possible sources of categorized text objects:

Once you have completed creating a category tree, you can create a training object.

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