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Procedure: Extracting Random Text Objects

This topic describes part of the functionality of Genesys Content Analyzer.


  • This example assumes that you have a large training object called TO1.

  1. Make a copy of TO1, calling it CopyofTO1.
  2. Create an new empty training object, called TO2, using the same category tree as TO1.
  3. On the Training tab, left hand pane, select the root Training Objects node to give the two-pane view.
  4. On the right-hand pane, right-click TO2. Select Move part of Training Object, as shown in "Move Part of Training Object."

  5. Move Part of Training Object

  6. In the resulting Add Training Object dialog box, select CopyofTO1, as shown in "Add Training Object Dialog Box."

  7. Add Training Object Dialog Box

  8. Knowledge Manager randomly selects five percent of the text objects in CopyofTO1, copies them to TO2, and deletes them from CopyofTO1.
  9. Train a model on CopyofTO1, then test it on TO2, as described in Procedure: Testing a Model on a Training Object.
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