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Knowledge Management User Interface

The Knowledge Manager user interface is a window with three (basic Knowledge Manager) or seven (Genesys Content Analyzer) tabs. The figure "Knowledge Manager Window" shows the interface with seven tabs. It also shows the four panes Category Tree, Subcategories, Standard Responses, and Attached Rules.

Knowledge Manager Window
All Knowledge Manager screenshots in this guide show the Genesys Content Analyzer version. This differs from the version without Genesys Content Analyzer, even on tabs that are common to both. For example, without Genesys Content Analyzer, there is no Tools menu.

The table "Knowledge Manager Tabs" briefly describes each tab and what it does. Note that the first three tabs are relevant to all users of Knowledge Manager, whereas the last four tabs are relevant only to users of Genesys Content Analyzer. For details see eServices 8.1 Knowledge Manager Help.

Knowledge Manager Tabs






Displays and gives access to category trees and the standard responses and screening rules associated with categories. Provides access to the Standard Response Editor.

Field Codes

Displays the set of field codes and provides access to the Field Code Editor


Displays the set of screening rules and provides access to the Screening Rules Editor

Genesys Content Analyzer only


Displays the set of training objects and provides access to the Mail Editor

Training Schedule

Displays the start time, status, and other information about training objects


Displays information about models


Displays information about FAQ objects

In most Knowledge Manager windows, lists of items can be sorted by clicking on the column headings. The major exceptions are lists of test results on the Models tab. See Testing Models and Using and Rating Models.
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