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Procedure: Inserting Field Codes into a Standard Response

  1. On the Categories tab, do one of the following:
    1. Double-click a standard response. The Edit Standard Response dialog box opens.
    2. Right-click and select New. The New Standard Response dialog box opens.
      These two dialog boxes are identical apart from their titles. The figure "New Standard Response" shows New Standard Response.
New Standard Response
  • Click Insert Field Code to display a list of all the field codes that you have created. The list appears in the dialog box shown in "List of Field Codes."
  • List of Field Codes
  • Select a field code and click OK to insert it, together with its required delimiters <$ $>, into a standard response. This returns you to the Edit Standard Response (or New Standard Response) dialog box.
  • Click Check Field Codes to see the standard response with the field codes rendered. The values rendered come from a collection of generic properties that exists for this purpose.
  • Next Steps

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