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More About FAQ Objects

This topic describes part of the functionality of Genesys Content Analyzer.

To be used in an FAQ object, a category must have all of the following attributes:

  • Answer: It must have a standard response of the FAQ usage type. This attribute is optional for nonterminal categories.
  • Question: It must have an associated question, to which the standard response can serve as the answer.
  • Selection: It must be selected for inclusion in the FAQ object.

        You must select the categories to include because you cannot assume that all categories in the tree are suitable for use in an FAQ list. For example, your tree might include a category that exists only to provide the standard response "Your account is overdrawn." Or you might want to use a single category tree to produce multiple FAQ objects, with some categories selected in one FAQ object but not in others.

    Requirements are slightly different for terminal categories (those without subcategories) and nonterminal categories (those with subcategories), as shown in "Required Attributes for FAQ Categories."

    Required Attributes for FAQ Categories


    Nonterminal Category

    Terminal Category










    You can create answers and questions either on the Categories tab or the FAQ tab. But selection can be done only on the FAQ tab, after you generate the FAQ object.

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