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Genesys Knowledge Management User's Guide

This section describes the use of Genesys Knowledge Management functionalities, including:

Use this section in conjunction with eServices 8.1 Knowledge Manager Help.

The use of Genesys Content Analyzer, an optional enhancement to Knowledge Management, is described in Genesys Knowledge Management: Content Analyzer.


Knowledge Management functionalities fall into the following four groups:

  • Categories/standard responses/field codes. A system of categories, organized in a tree structure, provides the means of organizing standard responses, which are prewritten responses to interactions. Field codes provide a way to particularize the standard response to individual interactions. Category trees are also integral to the classification functionality of Genesys Content Analyzer (see the third item in this list). You use Knowledge Manager to create category trees, and to create and edit the standard responses and the field codes that they can contain.
  • Screening rules. Screening rules perform pattern matching on incoming interactions. The results of the pattern matching are then available for use in subsequent steps in routing and in interaction workflows. You use Knowledge Manager to create and edit the screening rules.
  • Genesys Content Analyzer. This optional functionality uses natural language processing to analyze incoming interactions and assign them to categories in a category tree. Content analysis uses "models," which are statistical representations of category trees. Models are produced by "training" on a collection of precategorized text objects (e-mails and other types). Knowledge Manager controls the training process and displays information about models. For details see See Genesys Knowledge Management: Content Analyzer.
  • FAQ. With Content Analyzer, you can convert your category structure and standard responses into an FAQ list. You can either post the resulting FAQ list as text on your web site or use it as the source for an automatic question-answering facility.


Knowledge Management consists of the following components:

  • Classification Server applies screening rules when triggered to do so by a routing strategy. In Genesys Content Analyzer, Classification Server also applies models to categorize incoming interactions. Both screening rules and models are stored in the Universal Contact Server database.
  • Training Server trains the system to recognize categories. It is active only in the Genesys Content Analyzer.
  • Knowledge Manager is the user interface.

"Knowledge Management and Other Relevant Components" shows the Knowledge Management components.

Knowledge Management and Other Relevant Components
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