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Editing Time-Off Requests

Use the Time Off calendar to edit existing time-off requests, but first, watch the video.

To edit time-off requests:

  1. Select the check box next to each date for which you want to edit a time-off request.
  2. Click Edit.
    The Editing Time-Off Items dialog box appears with the Time-Off Limits grid at the top. The dialog displays the time-off requests for the days you selected. By default, all are selected.
  3. Clear the check boxes for time-off requests that you do not want to edit.
  4. Change the time-off settings for the requests you want to edit.
  5. Click Submit.
    To discard your changes, click Cancel.
You cannot clear (or select) the check box for a time-off type that you can no longer use. (These time-off types appear below the "—Others—" legend in the drop-down list box in the Time Off window.)

If WFM successfully processes your requests, the Time Off window reappears and displays your new time-off settings.

You might see a message containing a list of errors. If so, simply click Back and correct the errors.

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