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The Policy Server implements various call handling and validation policies to ensure that system configuration and usages are within the boundaries defined for the deployment. For example, the PS allows allocation of dialed numbers to be validated across multiple tenants, while respecting tenant security. Note that most GVP deployments no longer require the PS, as the functionality is available in other ways.
For more information about the Policy Server application, see Policy Server in the GVP Deployment Guide. For the Policy Server configuration options, see Policy Server Options in this document.
  • Reporting Plugin for GAX
The GVP Reporting Plugin for GAX provides a user interface to the GVP reporting capability. It allows the user to generate call detail reports, operational reports such as resource usage peaks, and service quality reports.
For the GVP Reporting Plugin for GAX configuration options, see Reporting Plugin for GAX Options in this document.
The Call Control Platform (CCP) provides a platform that can execute Call Control XML (CCXML) applications. CCXML allows one to define an event-based application for controlling the call flow between a SIP network and a media processing platform. The applications can make use of MCP media services such as conferencing, announcement and VoiceXML dialogs.
For more information about the Call Control Platform application, see Call Control Platform in the GVP Deployment Guide. For the Call Control Platform configuration options, see Call Control Platform Options in this document.
The Supplementary Services Gateway (SSG) provides an HTTP-based interface for processing lists of outbound calls. It is intended for use by those who have built their own outbound-calling infrastructure, or who have simple outbound calling needs. For a complete outbound campaign solution, please see the Genesys Outbound Calling solution.
For more information about the Supplementary Services Gateway application, see Supplementary Services Gateway in the GVP Deployment Guide. For the Supplementary Services Gateway configuration options, see Supplementary Services Gateway Options in this document.
  • Third Party Call Recorder
The RM and MCP provides media handling services in support of integration to third party voice recording systems. Voice media from a call is replicated and forwarded to the third party recording system for actual recording.
For the Third Party Call Recorder configuration options, see Third Party Call Recorder Options in this document.
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