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Call Control Platform

Options for this component are contained in the following configuration sections:

In the summary table(s) below, type in the Search box to quickly find options, configuration sections, or other values, and/or click a column name to sort the table. Click an option name to link to a full description of the option. Be aware that the default and valid values are the values in effect with the latest release of the software and may have changed since the release you have; refer to the full description of the option to see information for earlier releases.

Power users: Download a CSV file containing default and valid values and descriptions.

The following options are configured at the application level (in other words, on the application object).

Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
Section Option Default Changes Take Effect
ccpccxml defaultmaxage 60 immediately
ccpccxml defaultmaxstale 0 immediately
ccpccxml default_uri file://$InstallationRoot$/config/default.ccxml immediately
ccpccxml fips_enabled false At start/restart
ccpccxml shutdown_grace_period 7200 immediately
ccpccxml sip.send_progressing 0 immediately
ccxmli basichttp.recv.accessuri ipv4 immediately
ccxmli basichttp.recv.host immediately
ccxmli basichttp.recv.host.ipv6 immediately
ccxmli basichttp.recv.path /ccxml/basichttp immediately
ccxmli basichttp.recv.port 4892 immediately
ccxmli basichttp.recv.show_error_body false immediately
ccxmli basichttp.send.timeout 15000 immediately
ccxmli createsession.recv.accessuri ipv4 immediately
ccxmli createsession.recv.host immediately
ccxmli createsession.recv.host.ipv6 immediately
ccxmli createsession.recv.path /ccxml/createsession immediately
ccxmli createsession.recv.port 4892 immediately
ccxmli createsession.recv.show_error_body false immediately
ccxmli debug_data.dir $InstallationRoot$/debugdata immediately
ccxmli debug_data.dir_levels 0 immediately
ccxmli debug_data.file_levels 0 immediately
ccxmli default_caller_id sip:ccxml@localhost immediately
ccxmli fetch.timeout 30 immediately
ccxmli inactive_session_kill_timeout 7200 immediately
ccxmli kill_by_other true immediately
ccxmli max_conf_per_session 100 immediately
ccxmli max_conn_per_session 100 immediately
ccxmli max_dialog_per_session 100 immediately
ccxmli max_internal_loop_count 200 immediately
ccxmli max_num_documents 6000 immediately
ccxmli max_num_sessions 6000 immediately
ccxmli num_session_processing_threads 5 immediately
ccxmli platform.save_ccxml_files false immediately
ccxmli platform.save_script_files false immediately
ccxmli ssl false At start/restart
ccxmli ssl.recv.cert_file At start/restart
ccxmli ssl.recv.password At start/restart
ccxmli ssl.recv.private_key_file At start/restart
ccxmli ssl.recv.protocol_type TLSv1 At start/restart
ccxmli trace_flag true immediately
ems dc.default.logfilter 0-2|*|* At start/restart
ems dc.default.metricsfilter 1001,1009,1012-1013,1031,1050,1052,1058-1059 At start/restart
ems logconfig.DATAC 0-2|*|* immediately
ems logconfig.MFSINK
  • |*|*
ems metricsconfig.DATAC
ems metricsconfig.MFSINK 1000-1001,1003-1005,1007-1016,1019-1021,1024,1027-1036,1039-1045,1048-1050,1052-1054,1056,1058-1062 immediately
ems ors.reportinginterval 60 At start/restart
ems rc.amq_connection_send_timeout 60 At start/restart
ems rc.batch_size 500 At start/restart
ems rc.cdr.batch_size 500 At start/restart
ems rc.cdr.local_queue_max 1000000 At start/restart
ems rc.cdr.local_queue_path $InstallationRoot$/config/cdrQueue_ccp.db At start/restart
ems rc.cdr.max_throughput 0 At start/restart
ems rc.certificate at start/restart
ems rc.local_queue_max 5000000 At start/restart
ems rc.local_queue_path $InstallationRoot$/config/upstreamQueue_CCP.db At start/restart
ems rc.max_throughput 0 At start/restart
ems rc.ors.local_queue_max 1000000 At start/restart
ems rc.ors.local_queue_path $InstallationRoot$/config/orsQueue_ccp.db At start/restart
fm cachemaxentrycount 1000 At start/restart
fm cachemaxentrysize 100000 At start/restart
fm cachemaxsize 10000000 At start/restart
fm enable100continue 0 At start/restart
fm https_proxy At start/restart
fm http_proxy localhost:3128 At start/restart
fm interface At start/restart
fm localfile_maxage 10 At start/restart
fm maxredirections 5 At start/restart
fm no_cache_url_substring cgi-bin,jsp,asp,? At start/restart
fm portrange At start/restart
fm ssl_ca_info At start/restart
fm ssl_ca_path At start/restart
fm ssl_cert At start/restart
fm ssl_cert_type PEM At start/restart
fm ssl_cipher_list At start/restart
fm ssl_key At start/restart
fm ssl_key_password At start/restart
fm ssl_key_type PEM At start/restart
fm ssl_random_file At start/restart
fm ssl_verify_host 0 At start/restart
fm ssl_verify_peer 0 At start/restart
fm ssl_version 0 At start/restart
log all ../logs/ccp immediately
log check-point 1 immediately
log compatible-output-priority false immediately
log debug ../logs/ccp immediately
log expire 10 immediately
log interaction ../logs/ccp immediately
log keep-startup-file true After restart
log memory immediately
log memory-storage-size When memory output is created
log messagefile Immediately, if an application cannot find its *.lms file at startup
log message_format short immediately
log print-attributes false immediately
log segment 10000 immediately
log spool immediately
log standard ../logs/ccp_standard immediately
log time_convert local immediately
log time_format ISO8601 immediately
log trace ../logs/ccp immediately
log verbose interaction immediately
mediacontroller allow_dialog_transfer 1 immediately
mediacontroller bridge_server $LocalIP$:5060 immediately
mediacontroller bridge_server.defaultmaxsize 4 immediately
mediacontroller bridge_server.defaultreserve 4 immediately
mediacontroller bridge_server.profile Default Conference immediately
mediacontroller bridge_sips_server $LocalIP$:5061 immediately
mediacontroller codec_check_exclusion.payloads 13 immediately
mediacontroller conference.defaultreserve 8 immediately
mediacontroller defaultrejectcode 480 immediately
mediacontroller full_audio_codec 0|pcmu|audio/basic|8000|1 8|pcma|audio/x-alaw-basic|8000|1 9|g722|audio/g722|8000|1 23|g726-16|audio/g726-16|8000|1 22|g726-16|audio/g726-16|8000|1 2|g726-32|audio/g726|8000|1 125& immediately
mediacontroller full_video_codec 34|h263|video/H263|90000|1 99|h263-1998|video/H263-1998|90000|1 113|H264|video/H264|90000|1 immediately
mediacontroller inbound_allowed_media dynamic immediately
mediacontroller sdp.defaultipversion true immediately
mediacontroller sdp.localhost $LocalIP$ immediately
mediacontroller sdp.localhost.ipv6 $LocalIPv6$ immediately
mediacontroller sip.allowedunknownheaders
mediacontroller sipproxy $LocalIP$:5060 immediately
mediacontroller sipsecure 0 immediately
mediacontroller sipsproxy $LocalIP$:5061 immediately
session copy_unknown_headers true immediately
sip copyunknownheaders 1 At start/restart
sip localuser Genesys At start/restart
sip maxtcpconnections 100 At start/restart
sip maxtlsconnections 100 At start/restart
sip min_se 90 At start/restart
sip mtusize 1500 At start/restart
sip OPTIONS.header.Accept application/sdp immediately
sip OPTIONS.header.Accept-Encoding immediately
sip OPTIONS.header.Accept-Language en immediately
sip OPTIONS.header.Supported immediately
sip prack.support 0 At start/restart
sip preferred_ipversion ipv4 At start/restart
sip registerexpiryadjustment 10 At start/restart
sip route.default.tcp At start/restart
sip route.default.tcp.ipv6 At start/restart
sip route.default.tls At start/restart
sip route.default.tls.ipv6 At start/restart
sip route.default.udp At start/restart
sip route.default.udp.ipv6 At start/restart
sip route.dest.0 At start/restart
sip route.dest.1 At start/restart
sip route.dest.2 At start/restart
sip route.dest.3 At start/restart
sip route.dest.4 At start/restart
sip route.dest.5 At start/restart
sip routeset At start/restart
sip securerouteset At start/restart
sip sessionexpires 1800 At start/restart
sip tcp.portrange At start/restart
sip threadpoolsize 4 At start/restart
sip threads 0 After restart
sip timer.ci_proceeding 120000 At start/restart
sip tls.portrange At start/restart
sip transport.0 transport0 udp:any:5068 At start/restart
sip transport.0.tos 0 At start/restart
sip transport.1 transport1 tcp:any:5068 At start/restart
sip transport.1.tos 0 At start/restart
sip transport.2 transport2 tls:any:5069 cert=$InstallationRoot$/config/x509_certificate.pem key=$InstallationRoot$/config/x509_private_key.pem At start/restart
sip transport.2.tos 0 At start/restart
sip transport.3 At start/restart
sip transport.3.tos 0 At start/restart
sip transport.4 At start/restart
sip transport.4.tos 0 At start/restart
sip transport.5 At start/restart
sip transport.5.tos 0 At start/restart
sip transport.dnsharouting false At start/restart
sip transport.localaddress At start/restart
sip transport.localaddress.srv false At start/restart
sip transport.localaddress_ipv6 At start/restart
sip transport.staticroutelist At start/restart
snmp timeout 100 At start/restart


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